Tuesday, August 18, 2009

35 Best Flash Websites Ever

Flash is an amazing technology. Properly used flash animations, flash components and flash effects can turn a simple website into a fascinating, fantastic journey. Here is a selection of the stunning flash designs to give you an inspiration. If you've just started to learn flash or have become a professional flash developer long ago you'll love these cool flash examples anyways. They are exceptional. So lets start the journey:

2 Advanced

This is one of the most famous flash sites out there. This is what I would call the most inspiring use of Macromedia Flash.

Urban Portfolio Flash Template

Photography CMS Flash Templates

Candy & Candy

This full flash site is created for a famous interior design company. I think this is the best example of a true match between the design, brand and brand's goals.

Black and White Photo Portfolio CMS Templates

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

This interactive flash website is a project for Coca-Cola company. Cute characters live their lives and bring fun to you within the most brilliant dynamic Flash animation. I especially like the flash preloader of the fascinating game Coca-Cola's Flash animators have created.

North Kingdom

North Kingdom is a Swedish creative agency, this flash site is their project for Toyota. Truly amazing Flash 3d work.

John Wright Photo

This elegant and clean photography website design is a perfect example of a good flash slideshow.

Red Interactive Agency

This is a must see flash site for every flash designer and every flash developer. The site is an interactive flash at it's best, everything from flash buttons to flash scrolls and flash preloaders is beautiful here.

World Flavours

This is what I call hot flash, if you like to eat and like Coke you'll love the site either.

Saizen Media Studios

This is yet another great example of splendid use of flash animation.


Very creative example of flash animation, take a note of the cool flash preloader.

Simone Moreno

The site of brazilian/swedish artist Simone Moreno is a great example of a creative use of flash actionscript and flash image galleries. Very good and inspiring work.

Museum of Science and Industry

I'm sure this cute flash preloader will make you smile. The website features a catching flash game any scientist will love, go ahead and try it yourself.


What catches my attention at this flash site is the use of vivid colors. This site won't be a winner of flash charts, but it still is very good from the point of view of inspiration.

v5 Design

I really love the flash menu used here. The website overall is a very beautiful example of flash design.


This photo album website features a great colored background and really quality graphics. Very good work done by a talented flash designer.

Edwin Murat Ganter Portfolio

This simple flash design is yet very creative and very easy to use.

Infinit Colours

Very nice flash design that give you an opportunity to change its background between the featured designs. You'll also love the interactive flash menu here.

Infographiste Ind├ępendant

This creative portfolio features not only a really stunning background but is also full of interactivity and animated flash elements.


This flash site makes your visit to it a real interactive journey.


Another portfolio website on a really stunning and truly creative background.

White Gold

Great example of flash video website. You'll have to interact with video clips here.

Okay Dave

This is a brilliant portfolio of a designer, musician and artist. The site features a lot of creative flash effects and elements, I really liked the flash video at the about me page.


This is not quite a perfect example of a flash site, but flash 3d effects and the use of color are really inspiring.


This flash site is a winner of many flash charts. You'll have to draw to discover what's on the site, isn't it what you call a really interactive flash?

MultiAdaptor: Branding & Identify Systems

This colorful website is a great example of cool flash animation.

Hello Monday

Another award winner, it's been named the best in many flash charts of 2008. Features very beautiful flash animation.

In2Media – Digital Agency

This digital agency really knows its job - the site features great typography and really good flash preloader along with great flash animation at the background.

Yodabaz – Fresh Webdesign

This is an example of a really interesting 3d flash text approach, plus a stunning flash animation at the background with the site author as a main character.

Aiala Garcia – Art Director and Webdesigner

Vivid colors, plus stunning flash slide show and you've got a really good portfolio website.

Let Your Worries Go

This is an example of a great work done by a flash animator. This flash site invites you into a beautiful world with cute and funny characters.

PMA – Projects

Very cool flash 3d effects, really impressive work of a flash developer.

Nvidia Speak Visual

This is what I call hot flash. Really awesome work, flash animation and flash effects and videos will impress you. Believe me.

Michael Kelley Photography

Just a really good and elegant photo album.

Unit 9 – The Creative Mind

Amazing flash animation, graphics, colors. Well, it's just a truly amazing flash site.

Experience 159 – Alfa Romeo

This car company's flash website is a really good and stylish example of what Macromedia Flash can do in a good hands of an experienced flash designer.

Morris Code

This flash preloader is really worth mentioning.

Photograper Website Template

Creating Flash is not easy, but with FlashMint flash templates you can do it with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. The results are rewarding, aren't they?